Black Friday, the day of the year when people spend big.

Throwing down cash at Target with the reckless abandon of a person who just won the lottery and has abandoned all their responsibilities is a total rush, we know.

So just imagine, what if you could feel that way at work but with Medicare footing the bill? 

In what might just be the best news you have ever received (professionally anyway), CMS is effectively handing out free money to people who report their outcomes data.

Yes, you have to earn it with some hard work, but when you already deliver awesome value to your patients, why not tell Medicare and let them reward you with a big fat bonus?

What kind of bonus? How about up to a 9 percent Medicare bonus – and as much as a 19 percent bonus if you score over the exceptional performance threshold.

That’s money back in your pocket to invest in your clinic in any way you want.

The options that open up hold a lot of potential for making a big difference in your bandwidth and service as a clinic. Here are some of our favorite ideas for how you could spend those dollars to make the year 2022 feel like Black Friday, but better.

  1. More marketing dollars. Who would say no to a bigger advertising budget, especially when it could give you a competitive edge with all those bigger clinics and their seemingly bottomless budgets?
  2. Attract more patients. With more developed marketing, you will gain better visibility in the marketplace, which will lead a whole new demographic of patients straight to your door.
  3. Better equipment. Investing in improved, high-tech equipment will not only increase your bandwidth as a practice, but will set your office apart as one who cares about value and the patient’s experience.
  4. Continuing education for therapists. Education programs, tools and opportunities for therapists are not only a value add for your staff, but it will improve the quality and capabilities of your entire team and the care they bring to patients.
  5. Recruit the best talent. The practical investments you’ve made in your clinic will help you attract and retain top talent. With patient outcomes data at your fingertips to prove the care you provide, the very best therapists will be itching to get their foot in the door.

So give your future self a gift that you won’t regret. Unlike that Fair Isle sweater you told yourself you’d wear but is still in its bag from last Black Friday, a bigger Medicare reimbursement check will never go to waste.

Participate in MIPS in 2020 and get your big fat reimbursement check in 2022.

What will you spend yours on? 

With love (and happy shopping),

Keet Health

PS: Want to learn more about MIPS and how you can get on the road to a bigger reimbursement check? Learn more about Keet for MIPS here.