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Meet Keet.

We’re a passionate, fun-having, taco-loving team of people on a mission to restore humanity in healthcare—one improved outcome at a time.

Meet Keet.

We’re a passionate, fun-having, taco-loving team of people on a mission to restore humanity in healthcare—one improved outcome at a time.

We're done with the healthcare status quo.

Healthcare has lost its humanity, treating patients as commodities instead of individuals. Our mission is simple—to restore the humanity in healthcare. We know that 40% of a patient’s overall health is determined by their behavior. And yet, instead of treating the person we insist on treating the symptoms, spending $3.5 trillion annually in the US on medical interventions. Why? Because it’s profitable, although it’s not particularly effective. 

Patients deserve better. Those charged with their care want to give it to them. At Keet, we believe that by enabling providers and employers to engage patients as active partners in their health, we can achieve better outcomes, faster and at a fraction of the cost—simply by prioritizing people.


We design software that does just that.

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YEARS of combined executive leadership experience in healthcare.

What we stand for.

We’re on a mission to restore humanity in healthcare. At Keet, this means prioritizing people over profits. Our patient-oriented business approach and commitment to community personify our belief that we are always better together.

Culture. From monthly Keet & Eats, team-wide service projects, book clubs, and an open “Slack door” policy from the top down—our culture is one of of trust, humility and wonder.

People. We’re intentional in our recruiting and seek diversity of thought, gender, race and background—a non-negotiable when building a digital healthcare platform for the future. 

Community. We’re invested in our people, customers, partners and communities. Every Keet employee has a quarterly service hours quota and we’re proud to give back.

What our employees say about us.

``As a new hire, joining the Keet team has been such a great experience. This company has a great family atmosphere, and everyone is always willing to help you succeed.``
Hannah Hartnett

``Working at Keet is not only fun, but is also extremely rewarding and energizing. The teamwork and collaboration is remarkable across the organization.``
Susan Reagan

``I've been at Keet almost a year now. I'm most impressed by the culture amongst the team. Trust and accountability will present from the get-go which makes it easy to work with others and get the job done.``
Phil Strebeck

``It’s so enlightening to have such brilliant, yet personable teammates. In the crazy times we’re in, Keet has really been my source of normalcy when the world is anything but.``
Kelly McCoy

``I love that Keet appreciates pets as being 100% part of our families, and encourages sharing of our love for our 4 legged furry friends! It is so heart warming to be part of the Keet family that values our own furry family members as being such important parts of our lives.``
Susan Lofton, MPT

``I love the work I do at Keet! Working in collaboration with our clients has been incredibly meaningful for me. That level of partnership holds great things to make our solution more powerful than ever.``
Sage Campos

``I value the flexibility of work-life balance and Keet has made this achievable for me.``
Brian Dizon

``My favorite part of working at Keet is our focus on working together, across different teams, to impress our clients. As we continue to help therapists demonstrate the value they have always provided, our jobs here become more fun in helping lead the way in the industry and finding new ways to improve the lives of our clients and their patients.``
Chris Bonsall

``It’s refreshing to work for an organization that’s committed to their mission to improve and reimagine the healthcare space; as well one that embodies their values in every day work and conversation. From the sales banter among my team, the flexibility to innovate and adapt to the ever changing industry, to caring about the well-being of their employee’s amidst the pandemic, I am both proud and grateful to be apart of Keet.``
Molly Rowley

``I’ve worked in healthcare my entire career and have experienced first hand how the fee-for-service model puts an undue amount of stress on both the provider and the patient. Keet has found a way to make the transition to value-based care easy and intuitive. No longer is the patient the profit, but the quality of care provided. I am so grateful to be a part of this exciting, necessary change as we work to repair our health system.``
Julia Goodwin

``I was able to share my love of cheese with the team during our monthly Keet & Eat!``
Suzanne Barbano

``One of the most fulfilling aspects of working at Keet is the sense of empowerment and purpose I feel as a member of the team. Our leadership team genuinely cares about everyone's input and empowers employees, no matter their seniority level or tenure, to voice their opinions and suggestions to make the product, client experience, and company better. There is so much opportunity for personal and professional growth here and I'm really grateful to be a part of it.``
Sara James

``I love the purpose, passion and laughter found at Keet. The Keet team genuinely likes each other and I love that Keet is a place where you feel free enough to laugh while still working hard.``
Cindy Schaffer

``Keet has been such an exciting career accelerator for me! What I love the most is that I get to work with such driven, collaborative & creative minds and am constantly learning from those around me.``
Tara Amiri

``The executive team at Keet is among the brightest, most supportive group of people I've ever worked with. Under their leadership, I know anything is possible when it comes to the future of our organization.``
Taylor Goldsmith

Join a team that’s making healthcare better for all.

We’ve brought together an eclectic and wicked-smart group of people from the technology and healthcare ecosystem to problem-solve and co-create. Won’t you join us?

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