Keeping patients connected to your clinic.

Keet is your toolkit for patient success. Patients find their care plans, outcomes, reminders, and secure messaging all in a single platform. We make it easy for patients to interact with their recovery and with you from one central location. And when they’re done with care they won’t just be patients, they’ll be advocates–ready to share their experience with friends, family, and their doctors.

Providers connected to the work they love the most.

There isn’t enough time for providers to do everything they wish they could to help patients recover faster, better, stronger. But what if they didn’t need more time, just the right partner? Keet keeps providers connected to the work they love the most by handling the rest.

Clinic owners to the insights they need to grow.

One platform to give patients an exceptional experience while tracking results. Outcome measures? Continued patient communication? We handle that. Seamlessly. Gain the data you’ll need to fuel success in the future, automatically. And, see it all from one easy-to-use dashboard.


Start reimagining how you're delivering value with us.