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>> Walmart unveils major employee health benefit changes aimed at cost cutting

Fierce Healthcare, October 3, 2019

It’s hard to ignore Walmart’s vision and commitment to its worker’s healthcare. The company was one of the first to understand and drive the importance of centers of excellence (which its employees now rave about) and now its rolling out five new initiatives aimed at steering employees toward high-quality providers and reducing unneeded costs. As outcomes are the way of the future, we can only hope that other employers notice their efforts and get on board.

Check it out to learn more about Walmart’s efforts in healthcare. 

Here are the key takeaways:

“Walmart announced Thursday it’s piloting several new initiatives in the health benefits it offers workers, aiming to steer employees toward high-quality providers and reduce unneeded costs. 

The company spotlighted five new programs for its 2020 benefits, saying it intends to use its massive size to make healthcare easier for its employees to navigate. The new options build on the retailer’s existing centers of excellence programs, which proved popular with workers, said Lisa Woods, Walmart’s senior director of U.S. benefits, in a statement.

“Associates came back saying, ‘I didn’t know healthcare could look like this,’” Woods said. “They asked us to bring the same transparency, effectiveness, and quality of care to their communities.” 

“I think it’s in line with Walmart’s goal of disrupting and transforming healthcare in a way to promote better value,” he said.

What should you take away from these efforts?

In order to participate in programs similar to Walmart’s, you have to stay ahead of the outcomes game and prioritize it in your practice. MIPS is the perfect playground to maximize your reimbursement and begin to demonstrate your value to payers, patients, and potential partners. At Keet, we want to equip your practices with the data you need to be relevant partners for scenarios like this. You’re already great at providing low-cost, high-quality care–it’s time to demonstrate that objectively.

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