Psyche – there is no question. 

We all know that participation in MIPS is required for practices that see a significant number of Medicare patients. To jog your memory, “significant” means over $90,000 in Medicare Part B charges, over 200 Part B patients, and over 200 or more professionals services to Part B patients. 

So if that’s not you and your clinic, you may be thinking to yourself, “Hurrah! I dodged the MIPS bullet again.”

Not so fast.

While MIPS might not be required for you or your practice in 2020, there’s still an immense amount of value in collecting your outcomes data anyways (plus, PTs have a leg up on other providers when it comes to reporting). Value that doesn’t have anything to do with your reimbursement. 

Why, you ask?

One of the ways that CMS is encouraging providers to collect their outcomes data in the first place will be to publish their MIPS scores on their public website starting in 2021. Patients looking for a provider will be able to go to the CMS website and compare clinics and their scores, sort of like a professional healthcare Yelp page. Imagine having a poor score – or, gasp, no score at all – compared to other outpatient rehab providers in your area who have positive outcomes data going back a few years. I know which clinic I would choose in that situation.

If you prioritized participation and receiving a high MIPS score, that exposure is invaluable for your clinic.

Here are three other reasons to collect and report your patient outcomes data, even if you’re not required to:

  1. Outcomes data can help inform your ongoing clinical education program. Rather than taking a guess at what additional training your providers need, leveraging available data that tells a story on what would be most beneficial ensures you aren’t wasting clinic dollars. 
  2. Outcomes data is an invaluable hiring tool and can give your clinic an advantage when it comes to recruiting the best of the best in outpatient rehab. Just think, don’t you want to work for a practice with a strong track record of positive patient outcomes?
  3. Programs like Walmart’s Centers of Excellence are becoming more and more common among employers in order to get their employees back to work, healthily. By taking part in MIPS and having outcomes data at your fingertips, you can be competitive in a value-based care world and align yourself with leading hospitals and physicians.

Looking for even more? Here are three more reasons to report in 2020

So, we encourage you to report. With a little concerted effort and some support from Keet, earning a solid MIPS score and making yourself even more competitive in the marketplace will be a breeze. Learn more about Keet for MIPS here