Put MIPS on auto-pilot.

With Keet, you can take the stress out of MIPS reporting and rest assured you’ll be on your way to maximum reimbursement.

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MIPS is the bridge to value based margins.

Reporting requirements aren’t the problem. Misaligned incentives are.

MIPS rewards for quality–allowing you to turn patient reported outcomes into your competitive advantage. It’s the first step to being able to objectively demonstrate your high-quality, low-cost care in the greater healthcare ecosystem.

If you see MIPS as a reporting requirement...

You'll lag behind the curve as payment models continue to shift. You'll lose opportunities to expand your business in the new value based healthcare economy.

If you see MIPS as an opportunity...

You'll be ahead of the game and your competition. You'll have a proven track-record to demonstrate your value and participate in alternative payment models.

MIPS doesn't have to feel like a mystery.

With Keet you not only get a vendor for quality reporting–you get a partner helping you achieve the highest possible score.

At Keet, we believe quality reporting shouldn’t be an administrative burden but a meaningful extension of your mission to improve the health and satisfaction of your patients.

We chose to provide a MIPS solution that does exactly that.

Our QCDR uses standard Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs) to monitor patient progress. With Keet, you don’t need to report mundane process measures on every patient–you only need to report meaningful measures on a subset of your patient population.

And, most importantly, we deliver these PROMs in a mobile application that takes the administrative burden off your shoulders and directly into the hands of your patient.


Make your outcomes work for you, automatically.

You don't need yet another thing to distract you from patient care. Pre-built workflows allow you to automate the delivery of patient reported outcome surveys in the mobile app so you can excel in MIPS without taking more time away from patients.


Clearly understand progress and performance.

Monitor patient progress with automated PROM scoring and trending. And take the guesswork out of your performance and improvement activities. Routine feedback ensures you won't be surprised at the end of the year and gives you the insights you need so you can course correct along the way.


Patients will love you for it.

To make MIPS feel less like a reporting burden and more like an opportunity we wrapped all of the features you need into an app patients love.


Compete on your quality.

Turn your patient reported outcomes into your competitive advantage. Objectively demonstrate your value to potential payers, partners, and patients.

Don't take our word for it. Take theirs.


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Master MIPS with ease.


Engage your patients, measure your performance, demonstrate your value.

Keet makes it possible.