Turn MIPS Into a Competitive Advantage

Join the 100% of Keet Health clients who exceeded the MIPS performance threshold in 2019, with simplified reporting and submission of outcomes.

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2021 is the last year for voluntary participation in MIPS

Waiting until you’re forced to take part means missing out on opportunities to grow your practice. Watch our latest webinar to understand how to make MIPS work for you in 2021.

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Keet helps providers turn quality care into their competitive advantage

In 2019, Keet clients earned an average MIPS score of 91.2. Plus, 98% exceeded the exceptional performance bonus threshold and 24% earned a perfect 100-point score!

Capitalize on the transition to value-based care

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Keet helped ProRehab exceed the exceptional bonus threshold

Keet was our easy button. We took our patient experience to the next level by offering patient engagement and outcomes in one solution, enabling us to easily satisfy MIPS requirements, maximize our reimbursement potential and compete for value-based contracts.”

Andrea Baumann, COO, ProRehab

Keet makes succeeding in MIPS easy

Keet uses standard Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs) to put monitoring progress squarely in the hands of the people who matter most—your patients.

With an intuitive mobile app your patients will love to use, Keet helps you improve health outcomes and satisfaction, while making quality reporting easy.


Make your outcomes work for you, automatically.

You don't need yet another thing to distract you from patient care. Pre-built workflows allow you to automate the delivery of patient reported outcome surveys in the mobile app so you can excel in MIPS without taking more time away from patients.


Clearly understand progress and performance.

Monitor patient progress with automated PROM scoring and trending. And take the guesswork out of your performance and improvement activities. Routine feedback ensures you won't be surprised at the end of the year and gives you the insights you need so you can course correct along the way.


Patients will love you for it.

To make MIPS feel less like a reporting burden and more like an opportunity we wrapped all of the features you need into an app patients love.


Compete on your quality.

Turn your patient reported outcomes into your competitive advantage. Objectively demonstrate your value to potential payers, partners, and patients.

Earn a competitive advantage and maximize your reimbursements.


$110/mo per provider
+ $1,500 one-time setup fee

Best for 1-4 providers / location

Monthly billing based on the number of providers using Keet at each clinic location. Annual MIPS submission fee is optional.

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$450/mo per location
+ $1,500 one-time setup fee

Best for 5+ providers / location

Monthly billing based on the number of clinic locations using Keet. Annual MIPS submission fee is optional.

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Custom Pricing

Best for 30+ clinic locations

If you operate more than 30 clinic locations, or have a unique organizational structure you’d like to talk through, please contact us directly.

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Engage your patients, measure your performance, demonstrate your value.

Keet makes MIPS easy.

Four Key Takeaways from our MIPS Webinar

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