About ProRehab

ProRehab was founded in 1999 with the vision of providing the highest level of service for their patients. Since that time they’ve grown into a large, regional clinic with 17 locations and over 100 therapists. ProRehab is a clinical education site for a number of university professional programs and many of their clinicians have been adjunct faculty members for professional programs, making the objective measurement of clinical outcomes a high priority for their organization.

“Going all the way back in time, we saw that outcomes solutions were important. In the beginning of ProRehab, we did outcomes on paper and tracked it in a spreadsheet, which is impossible to grow around or sustain.” – Andrea Baumann, COO, ProRehab.

Andrea and the team at ProRehab weren’t satisfied with their current outcomes vendor but knew they couldn’t go back to paper either. Once they started researching, they landed on Keet Health and haven’t looked back since. 

Right Strategy, Wrong Vendor

ProRehab was an early adopter of outcomes tracking and saw the need for outcomes data before many in outpatient rehab. 

But their chosen outcomes vendor gave their therapists and patients more hurdles and headaches than help. It also added one more platform to manage in addition to their EHR vendor and Keet, who they used to support their patient engagement strategy. On top of that, their previous vendor required patients to be physically in the clinic to complete their outcomes survey, adding additional administrative burden to their already busy staff. The ProRehab team needed a way to bridge the gap between reducing the time spent on completing outcomes surveys in the clinic and improving patient compliance.

Andrea and the team at ProRehab decided to extend their use of Keet to include outcomes in order to leverage a single platform that would provide their patients the flexibility to efficiently complete tasks both in, and out, of the clinic.

“When physical therapists were announced as eligible MIPS participants for 2019, it was a no brainer for us. We were already tracking outcomes in our clinics and had been using Keet to aid in our patient engagement strategy. That’s when we said goodbye to our existing outcomes vendor and realized, ‘why would we not just do it all in one system? Why are we running out of a couple of different systems?’ Being able to consolidate patient engagement, education, and outcomes into one platform was really a huge driver for us.” – Andrea Baumann.

Additionally, their previous outcomes vendor didn’t offer intuitive outcomes surveys for patients to complete and included features like skip logic which ultimately led to incomplete outcomes surveys and confused patients. When MIPS became a reality for many of the therapists at ProRehab, Andrea and the team knew it was prime time to make a change. 

Bringing outcomes and patient engagement together

Andrea and her team were quite pleased with the solution that Keet offered. Bringing outcomes and patient engagement together allowed the staff at ProRehab to extend their reach beyond clinic walls, foster collaborative care for patients and therapists, and collect patient reported outcomes to assess quality, improve care protocols, and participate in quality payment programs – all from one central platform. 

“It came down to us wanting to take the patient experience to the next level. Engaging the patient across the board, being able to reach them at multiple points during their care plan, and easily run reports so we can improve care plans all at the same time. I mean, the Keet team has been great to work with to help us bring all of our solutions into one package.” – Andrea Baumann

Thanks to an intuitive application interface, straightforward outcomes surveys, education materials and easy to follow video exercises, both patients and therapists alike can’t imagine going back to disparate solutions for patient engagement and outcomes reporting. 

An easy button for MIPS and outcomes

A crucial requirement to make the switch to Keet’s outcomes solution was ensuring it was a seamless transition for staff as well as for the clinic’s patients. Thanks to Keet’s onboarding process and implementation team, Andrea couldn’t be more pleased with the end result. The practice was able to quickly implement and adapt to Keet and they now describe their outcomes strategy and workflow as ”very user friendly and intuitive”, unlike their previous outcomes vendor. 

“You guys are innovative. You’re thinking ahead. And at the beginning of 2019 when MIPS was very confusing for us and our industry, every other vendor I looked at only added to the complexity. Keet was our easy button. Working with the leaders at Keet was almost too good to be true. The Keet solution offers everything in one and we really don’t have to do anything extra. So I think that innovation and application into today’s world just really puts you guys apart.” – Andrea Baumann.

The team at ProRehab also leveraged select therapists within their clinic to champion the entire Keet solution throughout the clinic. 

“We have champions of the Keet solution, essentially a subset of our therapists that are more adept to technology, and it’s not necessarily age specific, but just more adept to technology. These folks are really attuned to the system and can easily walk patients through it. They were building some of the early patient adopters and it resulted in some of the highest utilization percentages we saw. Other patients who didn’t have this hands-on approach, they were the slower ones to adopt. Our champions though paved the way with examples and strategies for patients to easily adopt Keet.” – Andrea Baumann

Looking forward

ProRehab was looking for more than just an outcomes solution, they wanted something that allowed them to engage their patients when it’s most convenient for them. 

“We wanted something more than just an outcomes package, something that we could engage with our patients on a regular basis. We’re able to provide home exercise, patients are able to have 24 hour access to their therapists through the portal. We’ve also been able to tie in our customer service piece, which is very important to us.”

From tracking outcomes on paper, to using another outcomes vendor, and finally partnering with Keet Health for outcomes and patient engagement, it looks like third time’s the charm for the team at ProRehab.