QCDR – just another acronym or much more?

First off, what’s a qualified registry? A QR is capable of collecting and submitting quality data to CMS on behalf of clinicians.

A Qualified Clinical Data Registry, or QCDR for short, is defined as a CMS-approved entity that supports the collection of clinical data for the purposes of patient outcomes tracking to foster improved care within a clinic. 

So, what’s the difference between a QCDR and a qualified registry? 

Whether you are required to participate in MIPS or you’ve chosen to voluntarily report, you have an option with which reporting route you take. 

A qualified registry and QCDR are similar, but unlike a qualified registry, QCDR reporting options aren’t limited to measures within the quality payment program and they can also submit data for the Improvement Activities category on behalf of clinicians. 

Speaking of Improvement Activities, participate in MIPS via a QCDR and you will have an immediate upper hand in the Improvement Activities category since the use of a QCDR is considered a “high-weighted” activity. 

What that means is, if you want to score well in MIPS, reporting via a QCDR is your best bet. 

So, yes, it is much more than just an acronym. QCDRs are the best vessel for submitting MIPS quality and improvement activity and you should absolutely hitch your wagon to one if you’re hoping to be successful in MIPS in 2020.