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We’re a different kind of healthcare.

One that’s designed around the patient and provider relationship instead of documentation and regulatory mandates. We created the type of software that feels good to use. And we’re the type of people that realize technology won’t solve all problems, but when combined with a dose of humanity it can make experiences better, connection accessible, and healthcare more approachable.

Reimagining healthcare delivery.

We recognize that patients are the most underutilized resource in improving health outcomes. We believe quality care begins with quality connections. By powering meaningful connections between patients, providers, and care teams we can help deliver quality care experiences so people can get back to living, healthy.

Training Videos

Add a Patient

This video shows how to manually create a patient. We also have these instructions in an article that you can access here.


Find a Patient

There are a couple of ways to find a patient on the Keet platform. This video will walk you through each of these processes.

Patient Qualification Form

The Qualification Survey allows you to capture the patient body part being treated and helps to inform the outcomes data. Learn how to locate and complete this form for all new patients you treat.


Add & Review a Pro Form

To send a form to a patient, you can either add it to their care plan or send it to them in an email through Keet.

Complete a Pro Form with a Patient

Patient Reported Outcomes surveys can be completed one of several ways. In this video, we’ll review how a patient can complete the form at the time of their visit on a clinic tablet or device.


Deliver a Pro Form Using a QR Code

In the Keet system, you also have the capability to upload PRO forms by collecting them on an iPad or other device and then scanning them in with a QR code. Learn how here.


Review a Completed Pro Form

Patient reported outcomes scores provide the data needed to deliver better care every day. Learn how to monitor PRO form completeness and review a patient’s results.