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Big Clinic Energy: How to get in on the [outcomes] action

How big is your clinic? It might seem like big clinics are having all the fun. They’ve got the muscle they need to invest in new systems and expand with less worry. They have bigger marketing budgets allowing them to advertise and draw in new patients. Plus, their offices might rival a memory you have of The Jetsons.

We think it’s time small clinics had their share of the fun too.

While MIPS might not sound very sexy, having outcomes data at your fingertips definitely is. If you are a part of a small clinic and you participate in MIPS or opt in to report your outcomes, not only are you putting yourself in the running for a bigger reimbursement check, but you’ll also receive a whole host of benefits that can open up a world of possibilities for your clinic – large or small.

Here are four reasons to collect your outcomes data – MIPS required or not:
  1. You’ll get quality ratings that you get to share with the world. Putting your outcomes on the line shows that you’re confident enough in your service to let the world in on your numbers (something not everyone is willing to do). Your outcomes data allows you to demonstrate your value in a way that will make your small clinic more competitive in the marketplace. Those ratings can help put you miles ahead of the competition (big or small).
  2. Gain marketing prowess. Investing in marketing can be a game changer for a clinic’s ability to expand their business, but it’s also expensive. When Medicare publishes your quality outcomes results, you’ll gain a visibility that money can’t buy. Big clinics might be shelling out a lot for their marketing, but by making your outcomes numbers public, you’ll get wildly beneficial visibility for free. Just think of it like this, good outcomes = free marketing.
  3. Negotiate better contracts. Being able to demonstrate in a tangible way that your small clinic is competitive in the marketplace helps compete on quality when it comes to alternative payment models. You’ll be able to confidently show your numbers to payers and negotiate for better contracts like a boss.
  4. Future proof your practice. In such a saturated marketplace, it can be hard to attract new clients and lock down current ones. But with the outcomes data proving the prowess of you and your clinic, you will gain a competitive edge that will make you irresistible to new clients, improving your business trajectory for years to come.

Keet is here to make sure your small clinic gets the chance it deserves.

Big bonus check? Check.
Leveling up and playing in the big leagues? Check and check. 

MIPS evens the playing field because it’s not about how much you spend attracting patients with marketing, or how many locations you have — you can compete on quality instead. Reporting with MIPS lets you compete on outcomes – not your size.