We've got a steady pulse on what we believe.

Nothing is worse than feeling like your work is meaningless. We believe work should feel like work worth doing. To us, our work at Keet is just that–work worth doing. We pride ourselves on our relationships and our product. We know our clients, and our client’s patient’s want to get back to doing more of what they love, so that is the core of our culture—merging talented people doing what they love, to create products that help others do the same.

Through collaboration, we work proactively and purposefully. We’re continuously searching for problems and solutions instead of waiting for them to show up. We believe “I don’t know” is always an acceptable response when it’s followed by the initiative to go find the answer. And we believe vocation is integral to what it means to be human, not incidental.

Core Values

We’re constantly learning how to work together, better.

We know there is power in our collective mind. We unlock that power by embracing healthy conflict, rewarding self-criticism, and promoting empathetic communication. We assume respect. We know it’s about getting it right, not being right. We avoid siloed communication because we’ve seen what that can do. We gain control when we choose calm over chaos.

We’ve got it and we’re not afraid to show it.

We know our “Why” is what unifies us. We have passion, grit, and a poised resolve to never quit. We continually strive to make each other and our work better. We know love and work can go hand-in-hand. We’re proud of taking pride in our work.

We are lifelong learners.

We know words like change, evolution, and adaptation are necessary for growth, not something to fear. We value personal development knowing that the more we grow as people, the more innovative we’ll be. To us, risk and opportunity are the same. We make magic happen when we remember opinion isn’t always a friend, and discourse is a means to new course.

We are here to serve.

We know the greatest among us is the one who serves. We know that service is what makes our work meaningful. We lead with open-hearts and open-minds, looking for a better way, even if it’s uncomfortable. We know that awareness unlocks our potential and appreciating vulnerabilities makes us stronger.

We’re humans and we come from dirt.

We know humility is a paradox: weakness gives the strength to the glue that binds us all together. Even the strong must be humble because we’re all human (a word that comes from the Latin word humus, which means dirt). A humble person is someone who lives with that understanding.

The heartbeat of Keet is our people.

A product isn’t just a product; it’s the team of people behind it.

When conversations occur, insight abounds.

We’re passionate about creating products that connect people to exceptional experiences. If you are too, take a look at our open positions. Not seeing one that feels right? Let’s have a conversation.

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