One platform to turn patients into partners.

Manage and motivate patients from one place. After all, patients hate disparate systems as much as you do. Keet makes it possible to extend your reach in between visits.


Deliver patient experiences that move the needle.

The smallest thing you can do with the biggest impact is foster personal connection. Attract new patients and keep existing ones coming back. Continue care outside the clinic walls with beautiful care plans, exercise reminders, and patient reported outcomes. Deliver the right message to the right patients with automated email campaigns and relevant education. Keet puts care at their fingertips–from one convenient location, your app.

Connect Personally

Ensure care doesn’t stop when they leave the practice. Create a personalized digital experience, automatically.

Motivate & Empower

More connection without needing more time.

Attract & Retain

Leverage existing patients to bring in new ones. Objectively know who your biggest supporters are and who you need to check-in with.


The tools to help you do more.

Protecting provider’s time and creating more touch points with patients is simple when you can continue care automatically, digitally. Schedule personal touches with secure chat, keep patients engaged with relevant education, and stay top of mind with workflows designed around the patient journey. Plus, understand how you’re performing with patient satisfaction surveys so you can intervene before patients drop out.

Build better relationships

The cornerstone of care is the patient-provider relationship. Build the necessary trust with more touch-points.

Deliver Beautiful Care Plans

Keep patients engaged with interactive care plans.

Do more of what you love

Spend more time treating and less time doing paperwork.


Stand out from the crowd.

Patients are increasingly more deliberate when choosing a provider. Leverage insights to understand where you are so you can get where you want to be. Create a complete experience funnel with automated workflows, customer satisfaction surveys, and patient reported outcomes. Gain all the insights you need to know who your promoters are and where you may need to intervene.

Save time

Save time and reduce stress associated with tedious workflows by automating routine communication.

Decrease Call Volume

Not everything needs a voicemail. Let patients ask their quick questions in chat.


Social reviews from your most loyal patients are one of your best referral sources.


Software that just feels good.

We’re sensitive to the years spent in ugly, inefficient healthcare software which is why we prioritized both form and function. Keet is simple to use and easy on the eyes.

Consumer-Grade Experience

Your patients are people, too. They expect a certain level of experience that most patient portals can’t keep up with.

Customization & configurability

The power of your brand is important. Easily customize workflows to fit the needs of your clinic.


This is tech-speak, but it’s the new standard for sharing healthcare data seamlessly and securely. We dig it and you’ll reap the benefits.

We don’t just listen, we keep listening.Increase your patient engagement with us.