Keet is joining the Clinicient Crew

The headline gives the ending away, but it doesn’t tell you how 4 Manhattans, 3 spontaneous trips, a rough Halloween night, and a 7am meeting on a Saturday got us to this point. The rest of this post won’t either (we save that story for demos), but it will tell you why we’re excited about our future and what this means for you.  

Keet was born in 2015. Like many startups, Keet was a response to a problem personally experienced by its founders. Unlike most, we weren’t motivated to just build and sell a product. No, we wanted to spark a movement of reimagination, challenging both ourselves and our customers to restore the eroding humanity in healthcare by rediscovering the heart of the matter—not just playing lip service to the accurate but uninspiring “triple aim” of better outcomes, reduced costs, and increased patient satisfaction.

A Little Bit of History

As a patient, Jon was frustrated by his recovery process. He had the motivation to put in the work necessary to recover but didn’t feel like he was connected to his provider unless he was physically in the office. He was motivated to make recovery feel more patient-centered by changing how patients interact with their provider outside the walls of the clinic.

As a PT Student completing my clinicals, I was disheartened by the reality of the life I had once been excited about. Like all providers know too well, my day looked more like paperwork and staring at sterile blue screens than it did treating patients. It was a far cry of how I spent my evenings in my luxury fitness studio, where a sense of purpose was taken for granted, energy was cultivated rather than exhausted, and the next day was met with anticipation rather than dread. Each day I was bombarded with what healthcare once was versus what healthcare had become, and I felt implicated to restore it.

When I met Jon, our experiences aligned on different ends of the spectrum and we decided to do the hardest thing of all: get started. Keet was born soon after and just 2 and a half years later, we have an amazing team of 13 people who all find the work that we do meaningful in their own way.

Keet Meets Clinicient

If there’s one thing that has kept coming to my attention as we’ve been building Keet, it’s this: when people and purpose align, opportunities are boundless.

We believed from day one that ultimately we needed a strategic partner to achieve the impact that inspired us from the beginning. We’ve found that partner in Clinicient and the reason why is simple: our respective vision, values, and people are the same. It’s this shared ethos that caused us to spontaneously fly to Portland more times than I can count, show up in Kent’s office unannounced, and talk for hours about why healthcare needed to change and how we could accomplish that together over the long haul.

Anyone that’s interacted with Keet knows that we proudly blur the lines between work and pleasure, preferring the classical concept of vocation over career and orienting our hearts accordingly as our primary rallying cry. We’re excited that Clinicient won’t just support this outlook on work, but in fact, empower it. The fruits of this shared vision have already been made clear:  debating value-based care with Jerry over Mario Kart, planning a joint Clinicient-Keet trip to Mexico City, doing a rap album photoshoot with Kent at our famed AirBnb in Portland, and so on.

Simply put, our new relationship gives us hope that the collective experience of the next recovering patient and aspiring healthcare provider will be different—and far better—than ours was 2 years ago.

The Austin, Portland Connection

We are very excited to share that Keet will continue to operate from Austin. We’ll still have meetings over the best breakfast tacos, Clinicient will still have meetings with the best coffee in hand. Joining not only our companies but these sister cities has both our teams incredibly excited (to say the least).

What This Means For You, Our Clients

Above all, we want to emphasize that we will continue to support all of our non-Clinicient clients, both current and future. Cutting off our relationships with other vendors wouldn’t align with our message, as it would lessen the impact of our work, and most of all, would not allow us to give our current customers the service they deserve.

It also means that our new answer to the question, “When will there be one platform to manage the entire continuum of care?” can change from, “when we have the right partner”, to “it’s on our roadmap”.

From all of us at Keet, we want to say thank you to our customers, our friends, our colleagues, and our family for supporting our vision of reimagination over the last few years. We are infinitely grateful for all of you.

When the right people connect, the impact you can achieve is limitless. Our mission to pump humanity  into healthcare is stronger now than ever before. We can’t wait to show you what’s next.

Read the full press release here.

// David & The Keet Health Team