Press Release: Intermountain Healthcare ROMS is joining the Family

Clinicient to Acquire Intermountain Healthcare ROMS

Combination of outcomes reporting, patient engagement and therapy-specific EMR enables therapists to unlock the full revenue potential of value-based care.

PORTLAND, OR, June 26, 2019 – Clinicient, Inc., a leading provider of business solutions for outpatient rehabilitation, backed by growth equity firm Catalyst Investors, today announced a definitive agreement to acquire from Intermountain Healthcare the Intermountain Rehab Outcomes Management System (ROMS). Intermountain ROMS is a best-in-class physical therapy outcomes registry and leader in rehabilitation-focused quality improvement. Adding Intermountain ROMS enables Clinicient to offer an unrivaled set of solutions in value-based care deliverables, such as the Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS), and help providers deliver improved patient outcomes. Terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

With a strong backbone in healthcare innovation, Intermountain ROMS delivers patient reported outcomes surveys and analytic tools that help physical and occupational therapy providers make better care decisions and demonstrate high value care. Integrating the Intermountain ROMS platform with ‘Keet Health,’ Clinicient’s mobile patient engagement solution, streamlines the process of data collection and submission requirements for therapists. This unique combination enables therapy providers to automatically provision, score and report patient-reported outcomes through a patient’s mobile device, ensuring therapists are rewarded for the high-value care they provide.

“Our team is committed to moving physical therapy up the healthcare value chain. We’ve developed a strategy, made investments and partnered with the best in the industry to help clinics remain competitive in the changing landscape. We believe demonstrating quality outcomes is a crucial, foundational step in the transition to value-based care,” said T. Kent Rowe, Chief Executive Officer, Clinicient, Inc.

“Rehabilitation therapists embody the goals of the triple aim approach of improving healthcare by delivering high quality, low cost, patient-centered care. We strive to provide solutions that allow our therapists to continue improving lives,” said Holly Taylor, VP & General Manager, Keet, Inc.

“Today, I’m proud to unite with Clinicient and Keet Health. We share an unwavering belief in the untapped role physical therapists play in healthcare and believe our partnership has the best chance of demonstrating the value of therapy and producing positive financial benefits for clinics,” said Stephen Hunter, Rehab Services Director, Intermountain ROMS.

“As a practice owner, value-based care and the MIPS program present an immense opportunity for us,” said Kennedy Hawkins, President, PT Northwest. “We realize that leveraging the expertise and innovation of the partnership between Clinicient, Keet Health and Intermountain ROMS is crucial to our future success as a business. To have these visionaries together and on our side makes all the difference.”

About Clinicient, Inc.:
Founded in 2004, Clinicient helps therapy businesses optimize their clinical and financial operations from patient to payment, through a combination of patient engagement, cloud-based EMR, practice management and revenue cycle management (RCM) solutions. Clinicient is the parent company of Keet, Inc., which was acquired in December 2017, and is headquartered in Portland, Oregon. For more information call (877) 312-6494 or visit or follow Clinicient on Twitter.

About Keet, Inc.:
Keet, Inc., is a health tech company on a mission to restore humanity in healthcare. Since 2015, Keet has been committed to helping providers, employers, and health systems facilitate and deliver more connected, personalized care through our patient engagement platform. Acquired in December 2017, Keet, Inc. is a wholly-owned subsidiary company of Clinicient, Inc.

About Intermountain:
Intermountain Healthcare is a Utah-based not-for-profit system of 24 hospitals, 160 clinics, a Medical Group with about 2,300 employed physicians and advanced practice clinicians, a health plans group called SelectHealth, and other medical services. Intermountain is widely recognized as a leader in transforming healthcare through high quality and sustainable costs.

Press Release: Keet Health Announces MIPS Guarantee for Therapists

First of its kind MIPS Guarantee for therapists eases the transition to value-based care by protecting providers and practices from costly MIPS penalties

Austin TX., November 8, 2018 – Keet Health Inc., (“Keet”), a leading patient engagement company, announced today its Merit Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) Guarantee1 for outpatient rehab therapists. The MIPS Guarantee aims to make it easier for eligible clinicians to participate in MIPS by shielding providers and practices from downward payment adjustment thresholds under the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) reimbursement program. In the event a reporting provider or practice receives a penalty under the CMS MIPS reimbursement program, the cost of Keet Outcomes™ and the annual fees associated with the Medicare submission are guaranteed by Keet Health, Inc.

“At a time when the transition to value-based care (VBC) is picking up speed, the new MIPS eligibility for therapists offers an opportunity for our industry to develop the competencies needed to thrive in the new reimbursement landscape,” said Holly Taylor, Vice President and General Manager, Keet Health, Inc. “At Keet, MIPS isn’t seen as another reporting burden, but an opportunity to advance our profession into the future. We are committed to supporting physical therapy in the transition to VBC and, by offering this guarantee, are looking to mitigate any risk associated with quality reporting requirements.”

Keet Outcomes™ enables clinicians to measure the quality of care delivered and provides intuitive tools to drive continuous quality improvement - competencies that are instrumental for the transition from fee-for-service to value-based care. The solution supports outpatient rehab therapists in meeting payer incentive program requirements associated with alternative payment models. This includes MIPS which requires eligible clinicians to provide high-quality, efficient care that is supported by certified technology. For the first time since the inception of MIPS, therapists will be eligible clinicians beginning in 2019. With Keet Outcomes™, required data is automatically collected and submitted in a way that’s easy and convenient for patients, efficient for clinics, useful for providers, and actionable for management teams.

Keet Outcomes™ is powered by Intermountain Healthcare’s Rehab Outcomes Management System (Intermountain ROMS), the premier clinical outcomes registry and quality reporting system for physical and occupational therapy. Intermountain ROMS is backed by 18 years of experience and 10 years of peer-reviewed research published in such journals as Spine, Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Journal of Arthroplasty, JOSPT and PTJ. Intermountain Healthcare is a leading innovator in value-based care delivery.

“The Intermountain ROMS team is excited to help power the Keet Outcomes™ solution. With this offering, therapists can demonstrate their value, reduce variation in practice, and provide higher quality patient-centered care. We are confident that Keet Outcomes™ combined with Intermountain ROMS will help clinicians make better clinical decisions, improve the patient experience, and allow practices to thrive,” said Stephen Hunter PT, DPT, OCS, Rehab Services Internal Process Control Director at Intermountain Healthcare.

Keet believes that quality improvement starts with data and has designed Keet Outcomes™ to capture patient reported outcomes, identify care improvement opportunities through robust analytics, and handle quality reporting so providers can focus on increasing the value of their patient interactions without adding administrative burden.

“While many clinical outcome registries look to measure the care provided, Keet is focused on providing a holistic solution to improve patient care, not just measure it,” said Taylor. “We feel this is a natural progression of patient engagement and key to Keet’s overall strategy of helping clinicians move towards value-based care.” 

About Keet Health, Inc.

Keet Health, Inc., is a health tech company on a mission to restore humanity in healthcare. Since 2015, Keet has been committed to helping providers, employers, and health systems facilitate and deliver more connected, personalized care through our patient engagement platform. Keet Health, Inc. is a wholly-owned subsidiary company of Clinicient, Inc. For more information, visit

About Intermountain Healthcare

Intermountain Healthcare is a not-for-profit health system based in Salt Lake City with 23 hospitals, 180 clinics, and a health insurance plan, SelectHealth. Recognized for its excellent clinical care and low costs, Intermountain is helping people live the healthiest lives possible©. For more information, visit

  • Available to new Keet Health, Inc., clients, using Keet Outcomes™ and with a go-live date by December 19th, 2018. Client agrees to Guarantee terms in an effective Business Services Agreement. Guarantee is subject to reporting year and limited to service credits, up to and including the subscription Keet Outcomes™ fee and annual fees associated with the Medicare submission. Amounts guaranteed under this program are the client’s sole and exclusive remedy with respect to any downward payment adjustment to their Medicare fee schedule during the applicable MIPS year. Additional terms may apply.


Keet is Now a Clinicient Company

Keet is joining the Clinicient Crew

The headline gives the ending away, but it doesn’t tell you how 4 Manhattans, 3 spontaneous trips, a rough Halloween night, and a 7am meeting on a Saturday got us to this point. The rest of this post won’t either (we save that story for demos), but it will tell you why we’re excited about our future and what this means for you.  

Keet was born in 2015. Like many startups, Keet was a response to a problem personally experienced by its founders. Unlike most, we weren’t motivated to just build and sell a product. No, we wanted to spark a movement of reimagination, challenging both ourselves and our customers to restore the eroding humanity in healthcare by rediscovering the heart of the matter—not just playing lip service to the accurate but uninspiring “triple aim” of better outcomes, reduced costs, and increased patient satisfaction.

A Little Bit of History

As a patient, Jon was frustrated by his recovery process. He had the motivation to put in the work necessary to recover but didn’t feel like he was connected to his provider unless he was physically in the office. He was motivated to make recovery feel more patient-centered by changing how patients interact with their provider outside the walls of the clinic.

As a PT Student completing my clinicals, I was disheartened by the reality of the life I had once been excited about. Like all providers know too well, my day looked more like paperwork and staring at sterile blue screens than it did treating patients. It was a far cry of how I spent my evenings in my luxury fitness studio, where a sense of purpose was taken for granted, energy was cultivated rather than exhausted, and the next day was met with anticipation rather than dread. Each day I was bombarded with what healthcare once was versus what healthcare had become, and I felt implicated to restore it.

When I met Jon, our experiences aligned on different ends of the spectrum and we decided to do the hardest thing of all: get started. Keet was born soon after and just 2 and a half years later, we have an amazing team of 13 people who all find the work that we do meaningful in their own way.

Keet Meets Clinicient

If there’s one thing that has kept coming to my attention as we’ve been building Keet, it’s this: when people and purpose align, opportunities are boundless.

We believed from day one that ultimately we needed a strategic partner to achieve the impact that inspired us from the beginning. We’ve found that partner in Clinicient and the reason why is simple: our respective vision, values, and people are the same. It’s this shared ethos that caused us to spontaneously fly to Portland more times than I can count, show up in Kent’s office unannounced, and talk for hours about why healthcare needed to change and how we could accomplish that together over the long haul.

Anyone that’s interacted with Keet knows that we proudly blur the lines between work and pleasure, preferring the classical concept of vocation over career and orienting our hearts accordingly as our primary rallying cry. We’re excited that Clinicient won’t just support this outlook on work, but in fact, empower it. The fruits of this shared vision have already been made clear:  debating value-based care with Jerry over Mario Kart, planning a joint Clinicient-Keet trip to Mexico City, doing a rap album photoshoot with Kent at our famed AirBnb in Portland, and so on.

Simply put, our new relationship gives us hope that the collective experience of the next recovering patient and aspiring healthcare provider will be different—and far better—than ours was 2 years ago.

The Austin, Portland Connection

We are very excited to share that Keet will continue to operate from Austin. We’ll still have meetings over the best breakfast tacos, Clinicient will still have meetings with the best coffee in hand. Joining not only our companies but these sister cities has both our teams incredibly excited (to say the least).

What This Means For You, Our Clients

Above all, we want to emphasize that we will continue to support all of our non-Clinicient clients, both current and future. Cutting off our relationships with other vendors wouldn’t align with our message, as it would lessen the impact of our work, and most of all, would not allow us to give our current customers the service they deserve.

It also means that our new answer to the question, “When will there be one platform to manage the entire continuum of care?” can change from, “when we have the right partner”, to “it’s on our roadmap”.

From all of us at Keet, we want to say thank you to our customers, our friends, our colleagues, and our family for supporting our vision of reimagination over the last few years. We are infinitely grateful for all of you.

When the right people connect, the impact you can achieve is limitless. Our mission to pump humanity  into healthcare is stronger now than ever before. We can’t wait to show you what’s next.

Read the full press release here.

// David & The Keet Health Team